Friday, July 07, 2006


We spent Sunday-Tuesday in one of our favorite places to be, Boston, with our friends John and Amanda. We had lots of fun, and Tuesday evening, saw the most absolutely amazing fireworks display on the famous Esplanade with the Boston Pops. As the entire sky lit up, brighter than day, with fireworks that looked like shimmering water, Amy was jumping up and down in sheer joy. She said to me, "I'm not trying to be sacrilegious, but do you think that things like that will be in heaven when we see God?"

I was reminded of a conversation with millinerd, in which we were discussing craftmanship, whether it be of art, music, food, or anything. If we have been put on earth to glorify God, and will spend all eternity doing so, then are we just practicing for our more perfect job in eternity? As God has given us gifts and interests to perform our duties on earth, are those not the things that we will continue to do? And, those things that are beautiful because of the God-given gifts of the creators, will they themselves not remain to God's glory for eternity? In reading the scholastics (for an upcoming comp), they felt that all true creativity was from God—which would indicate more strongly that these works of art would last.

In thinking about music, as some pieces have lasted for hundreds of years (e.g., the music of PĂ©rotin), will not some of it last into eternity? And others, like "Breathe" (sorry Mike), will they last? Or what about Tarkus? It's a work of amazing craftmanship, but it already seems to have faded. Of course, we have no way of comprehension of what eternity will truly be like; however, these things which are glorifying to God's creative spirit seem likely to be a good starting point.

So, whether or not Pyro Spectaculars will be doing shows in heaven or not, at least their ingenuity will be helping, along with musicians, carpenters, bakers, and everyone else. Amy will be glad, at least.


Anonymous said...

Amy - Will there be fireworks in heaven? If there are not, it will only be because there are better, more glorious displays to inspire awe and joy.

On creativity and craftsmanship (if that term is still acceptable) - I believe that the ability to create is part of the image of God. We humans have an enormous ability to invent. In Revelation 23:24, 26 we are told that the glory and honor of the nations will be brought into the new Jerusalem. Certainly one of the lasting items which we still enjoy of nations now long gone is their artistic legacy. I would count it a good possibility that some of the music of heaven will be pieces we will have heard here.

<>< Ron Troup

millinerd said...

It sounds to me like there is only one thing that could have enhanced this experience: The proper soundtrack during the display.

Lance said...

Let it die! Let it die!

millinerd said...

By which you surely mean any and all opposition.

millinerd said...

But seriously this time, I just read that on Mt. Athos at Pascha they set off fireworks, a fitting sign of the new creation.

Meet me at the nearest cornfield next Easter.

Lance said...

I'll be there! Maybe we could talk one of our churches into hosting.