Monday, March 19, 2007

An Upcoming Forum

If you're in the Princeton area, there's a forum next Monday night, March 26, in which I'll be responding to a paper, "Baptism: The Recognition of Christ's Spirit." It should be interesting. The paper itself is by a theology student, and there's myself, a New Testament scholar, and a student from Duke responding.

It's the Koinonia Annual Forum, "Is Baptism a Sacrament?" and it starts at 7:00 p.m. in the Gambrell Room of Scheide Hall (#17 on this map) at Princeton Theological Seminary.


Denise said...

Well, how did it go?

Lance said...

It went very well! I was happy with my response, as were several other people who told me so. It seemed like a successful forum, because people stood around and had animated discussions about baptism for an hour and longer afterwards—which seemed like a good sign. Amy and I finally left (she had Hebrew to do), and discussions were still occurring! I was worried Dr. Graham might ask me some difficult questions, but he only had difficult ones for the main paper from Kevin. I had lots of fun doing it, whether or not the other panel members did (but I think they did, too!) You should read them when the Koinonia Journal comes out.