Friday, October 30, 2009

Colloquium on Baptist Church Music

I had the privilege of presenting a paper at a recent conference at Baylor University. You can read it here, along with several of the other papers. My paper, "More Than Half a Fool," used some dissertation research, as well as some additional research regarding Anglican chants in Baptist hymnals. It was a good conference, in which most of the major scholars who are currently doing Baptist hymnology presented. It was nice to meet them all, as well as hear their presentations.


David Toledo said...

I definitely enjoyed meeting you and hearing about your research. Best of luck in the future!

millinerd said...

Nice work Lance. Your paper causes me to wonder whether, in the long run, liturgical ecumenism has much more potential than the too often watered-down theological kind.

C.W.S. said...

Thanks for the link! I had been meaning to write you to inquire whether your paper would be published and here it is.